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Questions about membership?

Here are the most important answers:

Who can become a member?

Basically, according to the national and international statutes, the IPA is reserved for active and retired police officers. There is no exception to this principle. The categories of people belonging to the police force are laid down in the “Regulations on the Admission of People” of the IPA Section Switzerland and are binding. A successfully passed BBT exam is a mandatory prerequisite for joining.

I work as a policeman / policewoman or
I am a retired policeman / policewoman or
I was a police officer, now work for a municipal, cantonal or federal administration.
I am in possession of a BBT diploma or
I am in the Bestiz of a BBT certificate

What is the membership fee?

The regions of IPA Switzerland make a membership fee of CHF 35.00 per member and year. There is also a one-off Registration fee of CHF 15.00 per person.

Benefits - partners and conventions

Our members benefit from various benefits. On the website you will find a list of all actions that you can benefit from as an IPA member.

How can I become a member?

Who meets the admission criteria can Online application form completely complete. The Board reviews the applications for admission. Controversial applications are submitted to the National Bureau. This decides in the last instance about the request. The reasons for a possible rejection of the application by the Board need not be disclosed. The rejected person is entitled to appeal to the National Office. Refused applications will be reported in writing to the National Office and other IPA regions.

Online application for eIPa? Vignette for vehicles?

Who meets the admission criteria can Online application form completely complete. Our web application offers a fully integrated application form where you enter your details. It is an advantage for you to fill out the data for your vehicle (s) and to attach the respective vehicle certificates as a file (jpg, pdf), so that the personalized adhesive vignettes can be created as well.

Since we want to make sure that only police and police officers join our association, your membership application will be checked by the liaison officers of the respective police corps.

When does my membership expire?

Association membership expires by voluntary resignation, by demise, by resignation from the police service (except when changing into another, according to the regulations on the admission of persons to membership entitled category of persons) and by exclusion by the General Assembly. Voluntary withdrawals from your IPA region are up to the board at the latest on the 31.12. of the current year to report in writing. If a member leaves the police service and has no further entitlement to membership, the membership ceases with the withdrawal from the police service.

Join Now?

For a current software change, please send your membership application by email to the person responsible for the respective region. You can find the contacts and links on the IPA Regions page.

Any further questions?Use the contact form!