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Water-resistant key finder with exchangeable battery (CR2032), Bluetooth & social GPS with many functions. The Chipolo ONE works with Bluetooth & Social GPS (so if you mark an item in the app as lost and someone else with a Chipolo walks past this item, the system generates an e-mail and sends it to the user) and can be sent via App can be controlled with the smartphone or iOS devices, the battery is also replaceable and the tracker is water-resistant. You can link up to 9 Chipolo with one account and if you are looking for your smartphone you can get the smartphone to ring with a click on Chipolo even if it is set to 'silent'. Now every Chipolo can also be found using voice control, because they are compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The tracker is 120db loud, has a battery life of around 2 years and now has the “out of range” function.