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50 years anniversary

A reason to celebrate

Switzerland was a constant heat field in 1969: In Lucens, a chamber of the newly built nuclear reactor exploded and released radioactive radiation into the surrounding area (damage: 26 million), the explosion at the Dottikon explosives factory provided the sad result of 18 deaths and 108 injuries , a car chase for the latest James Bond film was shot in Lauterbrunnen - and while on Thursday, June 26, an important step in the direction of women's voting rights was decided in the National Council and outside demonstrators protested against the "stinking Reuss" , the IPA region of Central Switzerland was launched in a founding meeting in the Kunsthaus restaurant in Lucerne. The start in a common, comradely future of the central Swiss police officers was a success!

After the long period of 50 years in which the IPA Central Switzerland contributed with full commitment and constant commitment to networking our colleagues and strengthening the cohesion of all police officers, we were able to invite the currently 657 members to our 50th anniversary.

After the festivities were set to September 14, 2019, the preparations were in full swing. The basic idea was to have the festival take place in a cozy setting. The OK team (Simone Schmid, Beat Stüssi and Claudio Granja) quickly agreed that the Gerbe adventure farm in Meierskappel LU would be ideal for this. In order to create an unforgettable supporting program, four exciting city tours were organized in Lucerne. For the overnight stay, the OK with the Parkhotel and the City Garden Hotel in Zug concluded an excellent agreement and the 4-star plus hotel left nothing to be desired.

At the anniversary event we were able to welcome guests from our region as well as from the regions AG, Eastern Switzerland and FL, ZH, TI, VD, NE & JU / JU-BE and fortunately even from neighboring countries. The National Office of the IPA did not miss the opportunity to attend the celebrations: National President Jean-Pierre Allet with family, Jean-Claude Gilliand with wife, and Tiziana Quattrini with her children enjoyed the evening together with all of us.

Dhe 30 participants, who had already arrived on Friday, met the board of the IPA region of Central Switzerland for dinner at the Brandenberg business in Zug. Even this smaller group was the first happy mini-event!

On Saturday, September 14.09.2019th, XNUMX, we started in the morning in front of the City Garden Hotel Zug. The participants in the city tours were chauffeured to Lucerne in a ZVB car and two rented buses. A festive aperitif was already waiting for those arriving in the Roadhouse. After this enjoyable refreshment we went to the respective meeting points of the four tours: 20 in the mountain (Zivilschutzanlage) Offside in Lucerne, Time travel to the Middle Ages and for all non-German speaking colleagues from Welschland and Tessin who City tour of Lucerne in French.

After the guided tours, the participants were able to take a leisurely break back at the hotel and started towards the Gerbe adventure farm at 1700:XNUMX p.m. The rest of the guests who have registered for the actual anniversary celebration were already waiting there.

The ceremony was opened by President Stefan Eggstein, who then handed the word over to Konrad Langenegger, Mayor of Meierskappel. This brought the best congratulations and a present from his community. After the speech, there was already a first surprise appearance: Of course, the Carnival must not be missing at any big festival in Central Switzerland! For this reason, the Guggenmusik Chotzlebotzer honored us with a short, intensive performance during the aperitif.

Then it went on in the hall. The tables were set up and the seating arrangement provided with name tags specially created from wood. The salad buffet alone was a feast in itself. However, two of the waiters, who were a bit “negative” during the aperitif and were not particularly competent, behaved more and more conspicuously and danced out of line. Everyone wondered: "Who the hell hired the two?" When one of the waiters secretly tried to sell cheese to the guests during dinner, the riddle gradually dissolved for everyone: the fun couple did not belong to the farm staff, but to the comedian duo “Komische-art” ( The subsequent dinner, made up entirely of the Gerbe farm's own production, was also impressive!

At the end of the festival, none of the participants went to bed with even the slightest remaining feeling of hunger.

Now we started the highlight of the evening with numerous video congratulations for the 50th anniversary of the IPA region of Central Switzerland. Around 25 national and international celebrities from film, television and politics conveyed funny, varied messages to the IPA region of Central Switzerland! Only the last video message from comedian Stéphanie Berger failed unexpectedly. Her cell phone fell off the table during the recording and switched off. But that was by no means tragic, because to everyone's surprise she stepped onto the stage in person. As a big surprise guest, she and her team traveled to Meierskappel and made a phenomenal appearance. Stéphanie made for unforgettable laughter and delighted the entire audience. At this point, many thanks to Stéphanie and her employees Laura and Liam.

We were also very happy to welcome Felicitas Gygli and Rolf Koch to the event. Felicitas was honored for her 50-year IPA membership. Rolf Koch, founding member of the IPA region of Central Switzerland, was even able to celebrate 53 years of IPA membership this year. At this point, we would like to thank both, and of course, all members of the IPA region of Central Switzerland for their much appreciated loyalty.

The celebrations continued just as wonderfully on Sunday morning at the City Garden Hotel Zug. At the brunch we were again able to greet 65 guests. With the buffet offered, even the land of milk and honey was degraded to a barren suburb and for hours all those celebrating were able to enjoy a real feast. It started with a rich breakfast buffet, which was followed by tasty starters. Afterwards we were spoiled with a variety of delicious main courses and concluded the 1400th anniversary of the IPA region of Central Switzerland with a varied dessert buffet and all-round happy participants at 50:XNUMX p.m.

The OK team would like to thank you for your participation and is sure that the anniversary celebration will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

Message: Claudio Granja

Photos: Kristel Lopes & Ronald Wüthrich