According to the international regulations the IPA section Switzerland is, like our 14 regions also, independent regarding organisation and administration, as long as there is no inconsistency with the international regulations.

The authorities of the IPA section Switzerland:

  • - the assembly of delegates
  • - the presidents conference
  • - the national board
  • - the auditors
  • - the assembly of delegates is the principal (highest) authority of the section Switzerland. It consists of the representatives of each region, in the relation of one delegate per 100 members or a fraction of it. The assembly of delegates has a conference at least once a year, normally in the first trimester.


Their tasks are especially:

  • - the election of the national board, as well as additional officials
  • - the nomination of the candidates for the PEB (Permanent Executive Bureau)
  • - the approval of the different reports
  • - the approval of the annual accounts
  • - the approval of the programm of the activities
  • - the establishment of the annual quote
  • - the approval of the counts
  • - the nomination of the commissions
  • - the approval of the Statute and changements
  • - the approval of the internal rules and changements
  • - the nomination of the honour memmbers of the swiss section

According to the regulations the seat and the official address of the IPA section Switzerland is determined by the national board. At this time, Gorduno (Bellinzona), in the canton of Ticino, the living and working place of our current secretary general, is the official domicile of our section.

Official Address:

Swiss Section
National Board
PO Box 121
CH-6505 Bellinzona TI

Tel.: +41 (0)91 829 05 35
Fax: +41 (0) 91 829 02 47



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