Foundation of the IPA Switzerland


With the foundation in the year 1955 of the first two IPA Sections «Suisse-Genève» and «Suisse Fribourg» (changed to Regions later on) the foundation of IPA Section Switzerland was done.

The official foundation took place on the 9th May 1955.

Foundation document of the IPA Switzerland


During the international congress in Paris, held on the 16th and 17th of September 1955, our section was admitted together with the Germany section to the nowadays largest association of police officers.

At this memorable day in Paris the section Switzerland was represented by our friends René Goebler, André Clerc, André Baumgartner and Marcel Loegan.

The Swiss delegation at the first international congress in Paris,
September 1995 (from left to right: Loegan, Clerc, Goebler, Baumgartner)

According to the international statutes the IPA section Switzerland is independent regarding the organisation and the administration, as well as the 14 regions, unless they are not inconsistent with the international statutes.
Subsequently the following regions were founded: Vaud, Neuchâtel-Jura-Jura bernois, Valais, Bern, Biel and environment, Zurich, Central Switzerland, Ticino, East Switzerland, Solothurn, the two Basel and Aargau.

Nowadays the section of Switzerland counts over 15’000 members.





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